Objectives, Values and Social Responsibility

JP International

The values adopted by our people are the driving force for continuous awareness and persistence until the target set is achieved. Our activities are underlined by social respect and responsibility.


The main purpose of JP International is the cooperation with strong financial factors of our times. In a rapidly alternating global economic environment, the customer seeks for more targeted and focused services. The necessity for effective asset management and finance is enormous. In contrast to the difficult financial circumstance JP International continuously invests in devotion, knowledge and expertise, ensuring services of the highest quality. The company is able to offer its consulting services, aiming at the accomplishment of every customer’s unique goals, always with confidentiality, discretion and trust.


The secret words for JP International is reliability to its customers, as well as consistency, honesty, confidentiality and expertise. The firm is committed to: i) Continuous service improvement. ii) Excellent personal relationship with customers. iii) Maintaining high quality standards. iv) Incessant  education of its people.

Social Responsibility

JP International is characterized by remarkable long-term corporate social responsibility.

Financial transparency, alignment with national and international standards and initiatives of the consulting department based on a strict of conduct constitute a guaranteed compliance with the rules of Good Practice, but also transcend the predefined standards of laws on both local and international level.