JP International Offers State-of-the-Art Oil & Petroleum Trade Covering Every Relevant Request and Need Worldwide.


A Novel International Oil & Petroleum Products Trade Company

Activities – Services

JP International
JP International
JP International
JP International

We have the knowledge and the know-how to respond to any request for Oil & Petroleum Products

JP International provides all necessary services that ensure the trade of Oil & Petroleum Products with professionalism, transparency and safety.

With Perennial Experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, Petroleum Products is Our Primary Activity.

Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1, EN590, ULSD, VLSFO 0.5%, Marine Gasoil, Light & Heavy Crude Oil are Only a Few Among Others.

Belief and Devotion are the Keys to Success


Meet Our People

People of JP International are passionate and devoted to come up against all challenges appeared with success being the ultimate goal.

John Palogiannidis

CEO Founder

  • Strong Interpersonal, Leadership, Management, Communication and Public Relations (PR) skills
  • 19 years of working experience as an Entrepreneur (CEO/Founder of JMN Group of Companies:
  • International experience in USA, Eastern Europe
  • Experienced in Trade, Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Energy, Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Executive MBA from Athens University of Economics and Business
  • MSc in Materials Engineering from National Technical University of Ioannina (UOI), Greece (five-year full-time program)
  • Member of MENSA International (The high IQ Society) since 2012

  • Industry: petroleum products, healthcare, commodities, retailing, consumer goods
  • Functional: management, overall business strategy, restructuring (financial & organizational), growth strategy, lean transformation & process, brand repositioning, pricing, consumer research, business planning, forecasting

Alex Karabtsov

Oil & Gas Operations Manager

  • Strong Interpersonal, Communication and Business Development skills
  • International experience in Russia and Eastern Europe Markets
  • Experienced in Petroleum Industry
  • Academic studies at Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Industry: petroleum products
  • Functional: growth strategy, business planning, processing, product management

Efthymis Katsoyris

Business Development Manager

  • Strong Interpersonal, Communication, Public Relations and Business Development skills
  • 10 years of working experience as scientific officer, regulatory affairs officer, supplies
  • Experienced in Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, IVDs, Retail Market
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden
  • MSc in Chemical Engineering for Aristoteleion Univertsity Faculty of Engineering in Thessaloniki
  • Member of the National Chamber of Engineering

  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, IVDs
  • Functional: Business planning, processing, product management, supply chain, business development, organizational, risk management

Objectives, Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

The values adopted by our people are the driving force for continuous awareness and persistence until the target set is achieved. Our activities are underlined by social respect and responsibility.


P INTERNATIONAL was born under the vision of John Palogiannidis, to create an organization that would offer premium trade services in the trade of products related to the Oil & Gas Industry.
Having compendious knowledge of enterprising, business administration and commercial law, he decides to establish a company that specializes at the trade of Oil & Petroleum Products satisfying any request worldwide. In addition, JP International offers consulting services in respect to Oil & Petroleum Products, contributing further to the good trade practices. JP International’s values are summarizing in integrity and consistency. Unique target is success, so that all customers of JP International enjoy high level of responsibility and professionalism services.